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Five Chinese cities are waiting for the artists of the State Small Theatre of Vilnius

Created: 2017.05.19 / Updated: 2017.05.19 06:28
      Five Chinese cities are waiting for the artists of the State Small Theatre of Vilnius
      Five Chinese cities are waiting for the artists of the State Small Theatre of Vilnius

      On 10-28 May 2017 the State Small Theatre of Vilnius is going on a tour to China. Five cities, nine festive nights, two festivals presenting two plays of the State Small Theatre of Vilnius: The Mother (Vasa Zheleznova) and The Suicide. These are the works of young Lithuanian directors Gabrielė Tuminaitė and Kirilas Glušajevas, united back the great playwrights: Maxim Gorky and Nikolai Erdman. Their plays are about the eternal themes, values, and ideas. The Lithuanian directors G.Tuminaitė and K.Glušajevas will have a meeting and discussion with Chinese actors and directors in Shanghai.

      Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, Jinan, Nanjing – all these cities in May will continue the exploration of the plays of the State Small Theatre of Vilnius, that has started in 2016. During this tour the theatre will participate in two festivals: Shanghai Modern Drama Valley and The 17th MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival. The tour is initiated by the famous Chinese performing arts organization's network – China Performing Arts Theatres Association. It is expected that the performances by The State Small Theatre of Vilnius will be attended by 6000 spectators. The performances in Beijing will be visited by the Lithuanian Ambassador to China Ina Marčiulionytė.

      The State Small Theatre of Vilnius has already presented in China two plays directed by Rimas Tuminas: Three Sisters, Madagascar and Uncles and Aunts by Gabrielė Tuminaitė in the summer of 2016. According to the Lithuanian cultural attaché in China Agnė Biliūnaitė, it is not difficult to impress the Chinese with the Lithuanian Theatre. “While Lithuania has difficulties in competing with literature and cinema of the major European countries, the theatre would become a golden business card of the Lithuanian culture”, the cultural attaché in China says. After the first tour of The State Small Theatre of Vilnius, the China's media was full of compliments to the Lithuanian Theatre: “Performances of the small East European country Lithuania become increasingly better known in China and are becoming its cultural business card, in addition to the men’s basketball“, “Their performances make to fall in love in their country”, “This is a treasure of Eastern European theatre”.

      The Suicide directed by G.Tuminaitė is performed by the students of the worldwide acclaimed director Rimas Tuminas who today create great roles at the State Small Theatre of Vilnius. Agnė Šataitė playing in the performance has been awarded the Golden Stage Cross for the role of Serafima Iljinichna in the play The Suicide – it is the highest theatrical award in Lithuania. She was also recognised in the professional theatre festival of Dalia Tamulevičiūtė in 2015. Daumantas Ciunis, performing the main role, is a recognised actor in Lithuania. In the theatre festival "Long live comedy!" Daumantas Ciunis was also awarded as the best actor of the theatre in The Suicide for the role of Semyon Semionovich Podsekalnikov. The epicentre of The Mother (Vasa Zheleznova) directed by Kirilas Glušajevas is the figure of the Mother impersonated by actress Eglė Gabrėnaitė. According to the Lithuanian Theatre critics Vasa Železnova is Mother – the saint, Mother – the confessor, Mother – the destiny, Mother – the debt, the blessing and the curse. Because, according to the play, “all people come from the mother”. And all of that fits in the single character of Vasa.

      Eglė Gabrėnaitė is the actress of The State Small Theatre of Vilnius with distinctive talent; she is a bright star under the sky of the Lithuanian theatre. She has created more than 60 roles, and awarded with the most honourable theatre awards. This is an actress whose creative maximalism, versatility and strength fascinate everyone, leaving no one indifferent. Director Kirilas Glušajevas has said that only Eglė Gabrėnaitė and no one else can play Vasa Zheleznova in the Lithuanian theatre today.

      In addition to the legendary Eglė Gabrėnaitė, the Lithuanian Theatre in China be promoted by other young and acclaimed actors: Daumantas Ciunis, Indrė Patkauskaitė, Agnė Šataitė, Tomas Rinkūnas, Mantas Vaitiekūnas, Tomas Stirna, Agnė Kiškytė, Tomas Kliukas, Gintarė Latvėnaitė, Almantas Šinkūnas, Mindaugas Capas, Ilona Kvietkutė, Artūras Dubaka, Gabrielė Tuminaitė and Kirilas Glušajevas.

      This year, the tour to China is co-financed by the Lithuanian Cultural Council.



      Programme of The State Small Theatre of Vilnius tour in China in 2017:

      May 12 The Mother (Vasa Zheleznova) in Shanghai

      May 13 The Suicide in Shanghai

      Daning Theatre NO.1222 Ping xing guan Road, Jing An District, Shanghai

      May 16 The Mother (Vasa Zheleznova) in Xiamen

      May 17 The Suicide in Xiamen

      Xiamen Cangjiang Theatre NO.15 North Bin Hu Road, Hai cang District, Xiamen

      May 20 The Mother (Vasa Zheleznova) in Beijing

      May 21 The Mother (Vasa Zheleznova) in Beijing 

      Meng MinWei Concert Hall, Tsinghua Universtiy, Zhongguancun North Street, Haidian District, Beijing

      May 23 The Mother (Vasa Zheleznova) in Jinan

      May 24 The Suicide in Jinan

      Shangdong Grand Theatre

      The cross of East Lashanhe Road and Ri zhao Road, Huai Yin District, Jinan

      May 26 The Mother (Vasa Zheleznova) in Nanjing

      En Lin Theatre, Nanjing University, No 163, Xianlin Street, Xianlin Campus, Najing University

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